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You can cancel your insurance with APPN according the Terms and Conditions “LOSS OF LICENCE DETAILED INFORMATION MEMORANDUM 2019” which you can find in the download section on this website.

You have thirty (30) days within which to cancel the contract, which is only possible on the 1st of the month. This period starts on the day you are informed that the contract has come into effect by the receipt of your insurance certificate. Should you wish to cancel, you must notify with a registered letter to APPN, 82 Avenue François Mitterrand, 91200 ATHIS-MONS, France with acknowledgement of receipt in the following terms:


“I the undersigned (family name, first name, address) declare that I wish to cancel my subscription of the Loss of licence contract subscribed on [date] Date and signature".


Any premium paid will then be refunded to you within no more than thirty days from the date of receipt of your registered letter. Alternative you can you the “Alteration form” and cancel the insurance via Email – please visit the download section on this website.


If you have regrettably been affected from the Covid19 pandemic and you have recently lost your job, or you are on the notice period, in this case you have the following options with APPN:


(a) Keep your membership with APPN, if you will find a new job within your notice period of 90 days

  • Nothing to do at all, once your new employment will start you can update your membership easily using “Update form” from the download section


(b) Convert your Loss of Licence into the Job Seeker category

  • The temporary Loss of Licence will be frozen after your notice period (or terminated on your won request).

  • If you are an existing member you can keep the Permanent Loss of Licence insurance and the Life Insurance on the same level with exclusions see policy article 3.1, see Terms and Conditions.

  • The only possible category as a new member you can join the Permanent Loss of Licence and the Life insurance with a maximum guarantee of € 170,000 for each insurance.

  • In this case please contact APPN directly, the contact details you will find along with your insurance policy


Important Note: Keeping your full membership valid after the time of the termination / notice period is not possible. If you will become regrettably unemployed after the notice period, your membership has to be categorized into the “Job Seeker” and this has to requested by the member itself.


Kindly be advised, there will be no reimbursement of your premiums as long you have not cancelled or changed your membership with APPN first.

Premium table for existing members

Premium table for new members