managed by pilots



starting from

€ 15 per month

This is an example for pilot with an age of 30 years old and a Temporary Loss of Licence insurance (monthly guarantee) 

€ 1.000. The maximum amount as a monthly guarantee is € 10.000.



starting from

€ 33 per month

This is an example for pilot with an age of 30 years old and a Permanent Loss of Licence insurance and a lump sum payment of  

€ 200.000. The maximum amount as a guarantee is € 600.000.



starting from

€ 28 per month

This is an example for pilot with an age of 30 years old and a Life insurance of € 111.000. 

The maximum amount for a Life insurance is € 660.000 up to age of 75 years old.

IFP 2020 NEW

IFP is a product of Cockpit Crew Consulting Ltd. and is the exclusive provider for the Loss of Licence scheme with 

APPN and the direct contact for all airlines operating within the Middle East and the Persian Gulf Region.

IFP represents the second largest group within the APPN association with more than 1000 members worldwide.


IFP, insurances for pilots was established in January 2013 by two pilots from the Middle East with the interest to provide personal and individual Loss of Licence insurances for all their fellow pilots around the world at low rates

and with excellent coverage in case of medical unfitness and lost of their medical licence.

APPN (Association de Prévoyance du Personnel Navigant) was founded in 1957 on the initiative of French pilot union SNPL. APPN is managing the group policies for more than 10.000 pilots worldwide and due to its status as a

non-profit association, APPN is the only association to be able to refund membership premiums to its members.

Feel free to contact your personal IFP team today and and get a personal quote and consultation from pilot to pilot

free of charge. IFP will assist with the paperwork for a hassle free and quick application with a guaranteed starting

date confirmed by APPN within 48 hours. We are offering to all pilots worldwide an easy and user friendly online application through our website without any surcharge. 



® 2017 Cockpit Crew Consulting Ltd. - Official representative for APPN