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How to subscribe for the Loss of Licence insurance with APPN ?

  • Please download the application form by clicking the icon 

  • Open the application form with the SignNow application or any other similar software 

  • Follow precisely the instruction / guideline on the application form 

  • Start to scan your documents with a scanner or your mobile device

  • Submit the application form including all required documents as per the guideline 

  • Maximum size of you documents shall not be greater than 3 GB

  • If you submit your application before the 20th of the month, your start date is always the 1st of the following month, unless you have a restriction in your license which has to be reviewed by the insurance team

  • You will receive an acknowledgment within 48 hours by APPN during working days

APPLICATION for pilots from ETIHAD

If you are a pilot employed with ETIHAD, you are entitled to subscribe for the Loss of Licence insurance with APPN. All pilots from ETIHAD have the option to download the application form and fill it up manually (printer and scanner required, alternative you scan the documents with you mobile phone) or you can easily use the mobile application SignNow or any other similar software for your tablet device to fill up the forms (pdf format) directly.


You will need the following documents ready during your application process:


  • ICAO ATPL (based on your current employment)

  • ICAO Medical class 1 (based on your current employment)

  • Last salary note / certificate (from your current employer)

  • Passport

  • Credit Card information

Before you will start with the application process, please familiarize yourself with all relevant documents, contracts 

and premium tables on this website and keep your selected premiums related the requested guarantees ready for the application form.

Important note: To join the insurance scheme with APPN you have to be younger than 45 years old.



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