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The Life insurance will be provided by the cooperation between AXA and GENERALI. The AXA S.A. group is a French insurance company with its headquarter in Paris, France. The AXA Group is one of the largest international insurance companies and money manager in the world. The third largest insurance group in Europe is GENERALI located in Italy. 

As a pilot you are exposed to many dangers and it is more than important to be covered in case of death, especially if you have a family to support. Many companies do provide such insurance for their employees, but those covers will end as soon as you leave the company if changing the employer, starting your retirement or for any other reason.

Getting older, it becomes increasingly difficult to find a new life insurance maybe and if only with some exclusions. For this reason, we recommend having a personal life insurance, even if your employer already covers you.

With the APPN contract, you are covered up to 65 years old, with a possibility to extend it up to 75 years with some limitations - the maximum starting capital is € 330.000 , however APPN will offer as well on a regular basis every 12 months a so called automatic alteration to your guarantess to cover the inflation and your gradually salary increase over the years. Furthermore you can increase your benefits by your own request by two steps in case of any career progression every 5 years up to the age of 50 years and followed after 50 years with one step only up to 60 years.

To join APPN and their Loss of Licence insurance scheme the pilot must be below the age of 45 years.


The maximum starting capital is € 330.000 for all new members

Note:  Above the age of 45 years all existing members will move into the column of “above 45 years” and for those who joined between 40 and 45 years a surcharge of 10% of the original premium will be applied. For all members who will join in the month of their birthday of 45 years, an additional surcharge of 20% is applicable - above the age of 45 years there will be no further surcharge on the premiums anymore.



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