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APPN is offering to all professional pilots including student pilots (trainee) holding an ICAO class 1 medical the Loss of Licence coverage with various and individual options including a Life insurance.

The Temporary and Permanent Loss of Licence insurance coverage will be provided by MACIF (France) since 1957 cooperating with DEVK (Germany) which are the two leading European insurance companies for private customers. 

Obviously the Temporary Loss of Licence insurance is the most important insurance which will cover your monthly expenses up to € 10.000 in case of your medical unfitness when you are temporary loosing your class 1 medical licence for a maximum time of 3 years.  

The Permanent Loss of Licence insurance is an additional insurance which cover the total loss of your medical licence due to medical unfitness. The permanent Loss of Licence can cover your medical unfitness up to € 600.000 as a lump sum payout.

It is always recommended to take a combination of the Temporary and Permanent Loss of Licence coverage. An option to take only the Temporary or Permanent Loss of Licence and vice versa is possible - you can add one of the products anytime before the age of 45 years.

The Life insurance will be provided by the cooperation between AXA and GENERALI. The AXA S.A. group is a French insurance company with its headquarter in Paris, France. The AXA Group is one of the largest international insurance companies and money manager in the world. The third largest insurance group in Europe is GENERALI located in Italy. The maximum coverage of a new membership for the Life insurance is € 330.000. 

Since 2016 APPN and the insurance providers have changed the Terms and Conditions regarding and psycho-organic disorders of its members. An exclusion clause has been introduced in the group insurance policy. A deductible of 50% applies to all new memberships for the Loss of Licence insurance in case of any psychological problems or disorders which consecutive lead to a full or temporary medical loss. This excess is time-limited and is applicable during a period of 6 years from the start date of the contract. This means during this period of time APPN will pay 50 % of the guaranteed capital. Moreover during this period of 6 years when a member requests for an increase of the guaranteed capital the deductible of 50 % also applies to the differential of the guarantee. Please refer as well to the membership form.

The maximum joining age with APPN and the subscribtion for any of the above mentioned insurance products has been changed in the year 2013 to the age of 45 years. 



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