As an existing member with APPN and if you have applied through the website or directly by the IFP Team, you can directly claim your medical unfitness with your special claim consultant of APPN through this application. To start your claim directly with APPN please fill up first the message box below - your request will be redirected to claim specialist of APPN. Please follow the guideline below or download the guideline by clicking on the download icon. The claim process is easy and straight forward, the consultant will help to do the best to ensure prompt claim payment after 28 days of your confirmed medical unfitness by your authority. 

Please click on the icon to download your medical claim process "check list" 


After your medical licence has been suspended temporarily by your medical authority, you shall usually inform APPN within 5 days with a written notice of your suspension of your medical as per Terms and Conditions. To simplify your first contact with the Claim specialist, we recommend to use the message tool box which will directly link you to your claim specialist with APPN. 

Get your paperwork ready and collect the medical suspension letter from your medical authority or your medical department which shall include the diagnose and the expected time of your temporary suspension. The letter will be required to process your medical claim with insurance provider and you will be asked to scan and email it directly to your claim specialist with APPN at a later stage.
Once the medical claim has been approved by APPN, you will be asked present your bank account details including the IBAN, BIC/SWIFT Code and full address of your bank. APPN will transfer you guarantees directly to you bank account in Euro (€) currency after a waiting period of 28 days and according your subscribed payout schedule. 





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