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Loss of License insurance

for pilots working in the Middle East

Since 1957 represented by pilots for pilots and managed by APPN directly. More than 18,000 pilots worldwide and almost  2000 pilots from various airlines in the Middle East are covered by APPN and their insurance providers in case of loss of their medical class 1 license. IFP is the licensed partner of APPN and representing their Loss of License insurance product to all pilots in the Middle East.



starting from

€ 15 per month



starting from

€ 33 per month



starting from

€ 28 per month

Insurance providers


About APPN

APPN, Association de Prévoyance du Personnel Navigant, was founded in 1957 on the initiative of SNPL and Mr. Jean Dupont, an Air France Captain. The need for such a creation became apparent because of the specific nature of insurances covering flight crew members. Insurers, who had no knowledge of the risks involved, were extremely prudent and calculated premiums with excessive margins.
Therefore APPN negotiated the group policies with several insurance providers. The basic idea guiding APPN's leaders was to obtain responsibility to manage the policy by themself and as a result, APPN is currently managing three group policies: Temporary and Permanent Loss of Licence (with MACIF as the insurance company), and Life insurance cover (shared between AXA and GENERALI).
The association was initially launched in the French aeronautical scene only. However, since a couple of years more and more pilots from various airlines have joined the insurance scheme with currently more than 18,000 members worldwide. Due to its status as a non-profit association, APPN is the only association to be able to refund membership premiums to its members. 

10 Good reasons to choose APPN

APPN is a non-profit association, legally registered and located in France since 1957. The management expenses are reduced to a minimum with voluntary executive members.

APPN is managing all group contracts for their members independently

APPN is working together with top insurance companies such as MACIF for the Temporary

and Permanent Loss of Licence and AXA/GENERALI for the Life Insurance

More than 18,000 pilots from various airlines from all over the world are already members with APPN to cover themselves in case of medical unfitness

Annual premium refund depending on the annual financial year

No additional medical check required for your application with APPN

Your insurance scheme with APPN will be your individual insurance and you can keep the insurance in case of changing your employer

The guarantees can be freely chosen and changed by the member before the age of 45

according to the terms and conditions of the group insurance policy

With the IFP website you will have a direct contact to APPN in the Middle East

You are able to cancel your contract anytime with a signed written notice of 30 days – the remaining premiums will be refunded

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