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Important Note and update from APPN (Date: 7. April 2020)

The board of APPN has recently decided that new applications, including all received applications in April which has been already postponed to May and and all new applications with a starting date of May 2020 or later, the part of temporary loss of license insurance will not be accepted until further notice ! 


In General the request for the temporary loss of license insurance will be reinvestigated after 6 months depending on the situation improvement at that time, this due to the current crisis due to the corona virus.

All new members can subscribe for the Permanent Loss of Licence and Life insurance only.

All existing members cannot subscribe for temporary Loss of Licence insurance nor increase their temporary guarantees,  however they can increase or subscribe for the Permanent Loss of Licence and/or life insurance according age policy of course.

IFP is a product of Cockpit Crew Consulting Ltd. and is the exclusive provider for the Loss of Licence scheme with APPN and the direct contact for all airlines operating within the Middle East and the Persian Gulf Region. 


To join the insurance scheme with APPN you have to be younger than 45 years old and must be employed with one airline, business jet operator or helicopter service in the Middle East. All other airlines outside of this territory have to apply directly with APPN and won`t be eligible to benefit from the reduced membership fee with APPN. Feel free to contact your personal IFP team today and and get a personal quote and consultation from pilot to pilot free of charge. IFP will assist with the paperwork for a hassle free and quick application with a guaranteed starting date confirmed by APPN within 48 hours. 


Before you start with online application process, please familiarize yourself with all relevant documents, contracts and premium tables on this website and keep your selected premiums related to the requested guarantees ready for the application form.


Furthermore, you will need the following documents ready during your application process:


  • ICAO ATPL (based on your current employment)

  • ICAO Medical class 1 (based on your current employment)

  • Last salary note / certificate (from your current employer)

  • Valid Passport

If you are ready to apply and below the age of 45 years please select your airline from the drop down menu and start with the application process !




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