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Application for pilots from Middle East

If you are a professional pilot, employed within Middle East and you are below the age of 45 years, you are entitled to subscribe for the Loss of Licence insurance with APPN and through this website. All pilots have the option to download the application form and fill it up manually or you can easily use any other similar software for your tablet device to fill up the forms in pdf format directly.

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Follow precisely the instruction guideline on the first page of the application form

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Maximum size of your documents shall not be greater than 3 GB, either in JPEG or PDF format.

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Starting date

Submit your application latest by the 19th of the month and your starting date will be the 1st of the following month

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Scan the required documents with you scanner or mobile device

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Submit the application form including all required documents as per the guideline 

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You will receive an acknowledgment s by APPN during working days (Monday - Friday)



Download the application form by clicking the icon on the box or from the download section of this website

Note: Only for pilots from Middle East



based on your current employment


Valid ICAO class 1 medical  based on your current employment

Salary Note

Download your last salary note or ask for salary certificate


 Payment link for

Credit Card or l SEPA

direct debit

What is required for your application ?

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